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August 20, 2019 //By Richard Anslow and Martin Murnane
energy storage
New government policy combined with new regulation is driving renewable energy generation, and the solar market is expected to have strong growth in the future. Due to the current increase of power density in solar inverters and the demand for energy storage balancing, this generation of solar power leads to a need to significantly monitor all elements of a solar system.

Fig. 2: Typical PV monitoring system data from a PV solar

RS-485 is the communication application of choice for PC screen data updates such as current power, current consumption in the maximum power point trackers, battery charge and health, and CO2 reduction, etc., are available, as can be seen in figure 2.

Figure 3 illustrates a typical solar system with input-for-input dc strings, dc-to-ac conversion, energy charging and storage, and battery management and communications.

Fig. 3: Block diagram of a typical solar system with storage.

Analog Devices offers a complete power, communication, and control interface signal chain solution for solar PV and energy storage applications. iCoupler isolated gate driver solutions include the ADuM4135 and ADuM4223/ADuM3223; iCoupler isolated communication port solutions include the ADM2795E, ADM2587E, and ADM3054; and mixed signal processor solutions include the ADSP-CM419.

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