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August 20, 2019 //By Richard Anslow and Martin Murnane
energy storage
New government policy combined with new regulation is driving renewable energy generation, and the solar market is expected to have strong growth in the future. Due to the current increase of power density in solar inverters and the demand for energy storage balancing, this generation of solar power leads to a need to significantly monitor all elements of a solar system.

Drop-in iCoupler isolation solution for existing solar PV networks

For existing installations of solar inverters, which do not include iCoupler isolation robustness on the communications port, the iCoupler isolated RS-485 repeater is a powerful drop-in solution. The compact, signal, and power iCoupler isolated RS-485 repeater delivers robust isolation protection against electrical noise in electromagnetic capability (EMC) harsh solar environments.

Fig. 4: Signal and power iCoupler isolated RS-485 repeater.

The iCoupler isolated RS-485 repeater design consists of two RS-485 transceivers and two high speed ADCMP600 comparators. The ADM2587E is a fully integrated signal and power isolated data transceiver with ±15 kV ESD protection, and is suitable for high speed communication on multipoint transmission lines. The device includes an integrated, isolated dc-to-dc power supply, which eliminates the need for an external dc-to-dc isolation block. An RS-485 repeater requires flow control, which is essential for controlling the direction of communication on the RS-485 bus. Using the ADCMP600 high speed comparator allows high speed flow control and directionality on the ADM2587E logic pins, which results in a reliable communication system.

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