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MAY 2020

Cover : ROHM : High-voltage heaters with IGBTs - eeNews Embedded...

APRIL 2020

Cover : Infineon : a new era in MOSFET perfomance - Opinion...

MARCH 2020

News & Technology : Memory - Quantum Computing - Processes - Energy Harvesting - Electromobility - Batteries - Sensors - European ASICS - Virtual Reality...


Cover Feature - ARM  : Arm’s new AI technology brings the benefifits of AI to billions more
News & Technology :...


News & Technology : Haptics - Photonics - Power - Automotive - Process - Flexible Electronics - Novel Materials - Artificial Intelligence - Batteries ...


Cover Feature : INFINEON : Why GaN will be key to feeding power-hungry 5G networks - What are Linux containers? -...


Opinion : 3D printing gets 1000x speed boost with nanometre resolution - What’s fuelling our data? - News & Technology...


Cover Feature - Würth  : Design kit for radio applications based on the Raspberry Pi - Component obsolescence – what to do next - MEMS and Imaging Summit in...


Cover Feature :  Infineon Technoloies : NFC programming for LEDS  - Opinion : When refrigerators attack...


News & Technology : Flexible Electronics - Autonomous Driving - Automotive Safety - Photonics - IoT - Materials - 5G connectivity - High Performance Computing...

JUNE 2019

Cover Story : ROHM Semiconductor : New-Age Power Solutions for Industrial Converters
Design & Products : ...

MAY 2019

Design & Products : Test & Measurement - Power Management - Robotics Advances


APRIL 2019

Cover Feature : Electrifying (the) Future ! High-power motor drives Infineon 's...

MARCH 2019

Design & Products : Microwave & RF Circuits - Automotive & Electronics

News & Technology : Energy Harvesting - Battery - Memory - LIFI Integration - Artificial Intelligence - Edge Computing...


Cover : Mouser : The Sky is the Limit for AI-assisted Drones - Executive Interviews - News & Technology embeddeworld 2019 Show Guide


Executive Interviews : INT Tech’s and Rdot Displays’ CEOs

News & Technology : What will drive Electromobility in 2019 - Electromobility – Process – Memory – Artificial Intelligence – Printed...


Cover Story : Infineon Technologies' answer for flyback topologies

Executive Interviews : Vespers’ CEO Matt Crowley – Jean-Marc Chery, CEO STMicroelectronics

News & Technology - Design...


COVER STORY: MOUSER : The Breadth of Opportunities for Augmented Reality

electronica Show Guide

Executive Interview : Mentor’s CEO, Wally Rhines on venture capital investments in...


COVER STORY: Yokogawa Europe - Precision power analysis: a new-generation measurement tool

Executive Interviews : ARM’s Greg Yeric on memory, logic and making it

News & Technology...


COVER STORY: ARM : the new era of embedded intelligence Executive Interviews : Bill Hall and Asif Jakwan - On Semiconductor. Design & Products : Microwave & RF – Photovoltaics &...


February 2016 : Opinion: Space radiation detectors get personal - Maintaining a competitive edge in 2016

Executive Interview : ST’s COO, Jean-March Chery

News & Technology : Bosch business fires on almost all cylinders –Automotive – Mouser : Beagle Bone Green vs Black – Authentication – Neural Networks- Augmented Reality – Memory

Design & Products : Prototyping & Development Boards - - Wireless Communications – MEMs Technologies & Environmental Sensors PDF Version click here

January 2016 : Opinion : 24/7 drone surveillance as a cloud service - The great IoT threat News & Technology : Electromobility - Optoelectronics - Nanotechnologies - Augmented reality - Lighting & Displays -Photovoltaics – CES Report – Internet of Things Design & Products : Circuit Analysis & Debug - Analog Design- Memory Technologies PDF Version click here

December 2015 : Opinion : Will IoT make taxing the Internet inevitable - Heating up : beneath the surface News & Technology : Starting all over again on plastic : ARM - Could Qualcomm be China's next target - Daimler : a carmaker goes digital - Thin film micro- lenses stretch to focus - Virtually free crowd-sourced IoT networks on the horizon - Ingestible sensor monitors vital signs from within the digestive tract - Energy harvesting on paper for flexible wearables - Flexible sensor detects multiple ions in fluids - German battery maker puts squeeze on Tesla's solar storage plans - Flexible tattoo sensors help measure blood flow under the skin Design & Products : Biometrics & Authentication : smartphone security – smartphone-enabled biometrics - Connectivity & IoT : 8 views on Intel's IoT efforts - Data acquisition PDF Version click here

November 2015 : Opinion : NFC concrete slabs for a smart city - Keeping pace with real-time big data News & Technology : InvenSense's Abdi on expanding MEMS horizons - Philips tests thermoplastically deformable circuits to house LEDs - Machine learning sets the pace of distribution Digi-Key Electronics' President and COO Dave Doherty interview - Modular watch wants multiple shares of the wearable market - Switch to carbon at 3-to-5 nanometer - Cyber threats against cars are here to stay, experts say - Calibration reveals order of magnitude better accuracy- Design & Products : Automotive Electronics - LED Lighting - Industrial Robotics PDF Version click here

October 2015 : Opinion : Is 3D XPoint based on phase-change memory? - Let consumers figure out a user case for EEG - News & Technology :Autonomous driving not a question of technology, managers say - Chip scale optics for GaN-on-Si LEDs - LED lighting in home automation: ready, aim, ... - MEMS platforms are way to go, says Bosch's Finkbeiner - Having taken over from STMicroelectronics as the leading global supplier of MEMS components, the CEO explains how the company is going conquer IoT - Dialog to acquire Atmel for $4.6bn in IoT push - Imec laminates stretchable LED display onto garments - GaN soon on 8-inch silicon wafers, hopes MACOM - Li-Fi interconnect aims to replace plugs and cables - Watching out for new sensing technologies: amsDuring the annual press day organized by ams AG at its headquarters in Graz, Austria, CEO Kirk Laney unveiled the company's IoT strategy - Turning the world into a digital user interface: SuriCog - Intel-led group touts OIC 1.0 over rival IoT specs Flooding young minds through digital immersion - Leading by example: Polyera's flexible displays - Not enough money in MEMS, own the data, says InvenSense CEO - Design & Products :Analog & Mixed Signal - Test & Measurement - Programmable Logic PDF Version click here

September 2015 : Opinion : Is 3D XPoint based on phase-change memory? - Let consumers figure out a user case for EEG - News & Technology : Ex-Google engineers promise ultra-low cost Android PC - Sensors, liquid crystals make "omnifocal" glasses - Fraunhofer rolls security platform for cars - CEO interview : Ambiq sees broader options for low voltage - Automotive electronics complexity at tipping point - 'Test city' opens for autonomous cars - 3D fingerprint scanner beats Apple's - CoolCube circuit stacking moves to FinFET process - 3D printing for photonics : a British initiative - Is NextInput next winner in Apple products ? - Notebook displays shrink, Chromebook's 11-inch a winner, says IHS - Drones' agenda : new spectrum - Design & Products : Haptics & User Interfaces - Energy Harvesting - Microwave and RF CircuitPDF Version click here

July/August 2015 Opinion : UWAS : playing hide and seek with drones - Cloud system leverages IoT's idle processing power - News & Technology : Inside 1X nm Planar NAND - CEO interview - Imec looks forward to life after FinFET - Smart shirt adorns IoT efforts - Future urban mobilitiy : multi-modal and eco-friendly - Merck starts building 30m euro German OLED production plant - RF power transistors to reach consumers'dishes - Wearables get their own MEMS - Insite Rohde & Schwarz - Startup beats Google's Ara to smartphone modularity - Wafer-level packaging : not enough says OSATS - Samsung pledges to boost French tec - Design & Products : Audio & Video Processing - Open Source Design - Power Supplies & BatteriesPDF Version click here

June 2015 Opinion : Ultrasounds and plastic in place of complex electronics - Innovation engine matches experts with your projects, globally News & Technology : Columbia Engineering team claims first single-molecule diode - CoolMOS C7 : SiC with 'GaN-like' switching losses - Researchers make Ics on wood - Apple buys into augmented reality - for cars ? - Interview : Reinhard Ploss, Infineon Technologies' CEO - What's next after Tower's turn-around ? - China wonders : wither wearable wares ? Design & Products : Encryption & Data Security (Why NOW is the time to invest in security - Security features for non security experts - Top tips for keeping corporate Email secure - - How about password-protected paper mail) - Display & Interfaces - Sensors & Data Conversion PDF Version click here

May 2015 Opinion : 3D Sound Labs cracks user-centric surround sound - Industry 4.0 unplugged - News & Technology : 3D-printing aerogels for energy storage - Foxconn linked to start-ups' 52-Mpixel camera - UltraHaptics promises airborne tactile interface - RealSense 3D camera goes into smartphones - Exploding lithium-ion batteries : a real-time analysis - How the 3 Cs drive IC consumption -When user interfaces dig into your emotions - MOST : a gigabit data backbone for future car generations ? - McLaren brings simulation technology to mainstream automotive design - MEMS based lighting control optimises road illumination - Feeling augmented - Paper memory ready to roll - A clean MIPS state for academia - MINI giving drivers a peek at ‘augmented reality’
- Design & Products : Test & Measurement - Navigation & Geolocation - Motor ControlPDF Version click here

April 2015 Opinion : Big data sets drones to fly - Power grids – How many EVs can be charged simultaneously
News & Technology :Philips offloads LED lighting components units for USD 2.8bn - 3D Qualcomm SoCs by 2016 - Jaguar Land Rover Group Engineering Director’s Interview - Delphi selected to build Audi’s autopilot computer - IDT to speed CERN data analytics - How will deep learning change SoCs - Electronics printed in France - IBM invests 3 billion USD to bring IoT to the enterprise - Intel targets smartglasses with purchase of two Swiss startups - Analog EDA finally automated - Cyber-physical systems as the basis of IoT : Europe has it all
Design & Products : Optoelectronics - Wearable & implantable electronics - M2M CommunicationsPDF Version click here

March 2015 Opinion : Stress tracker tames drivers - Save me from overbearing IoT analytics
News & Technology : NXP, Freescale plan mega merger – NXP/Freescale takeover and automotive electronics - NXP CEO : “Security, IoT, Cars' drove Freescale deal - IoTize rejuvenates legacy systems with smartphone-compatibility - AMD describes notebook processor Carrizo - IKEA and Samsung back QI wireless charging - Is this the Tesla Killer ? - Graphene polymer speeds electron transport - Samsung phones pack 14nm SoC - Semitrex' ultimate goal : one size fits all power conversion - The future of custom ASICs - Porsche rainmaker advocates platooning - Parrot takes instant 3D mapping to the sky
Design & Products :Debugging & Programming tools - Power Management -
Flexible Electronics PDF version click here

February 2015Opinion : Out Googling Google on big data searches - The automation obituaries News & Technology : Who gains the most from ARM's new IP - Sigfox raises 100 million Euros to globalize IoT - Development tools map the connected Future -
Flexible OLEDs target volume production in 2015 - Satellite project measures gravity, predicts deluges - French startup expands 3D in the room - Atomic level LEDs open up flexible electronics opportunities - Iconic insights : Man with a big imagination - Driver assistance becomes predictive - Are you worth insuring ? Wearables to decide - Bosch bets on synergies between electromobility and connectivity - Rear axle becomes stearable by wire - Eco-friendly electronics that self-degrade and vanish
Design & Products :Boards and development kits - Wireless Communications
MEMS Technologies
PDF Version click here

January 2015 :Opinion : Tracking offenders and consumers alike - How the 'LED lighting backlash' could be good for the industry
News & Technology : European server project promotes ARM on FDSOI - MIT discovers superconductor law- A copyright mess in 3D- Printer-ready 3D CAD files : a marketing plus - Piloted driving at Audi's CES presentation - 5600 fuel cell patents open for free usage - Volvo airs cloud-based cyclist protection system - CEO interview : Bosch's IoT startup is all about the system - Samsung CEO : IoT : Collaborate or else - Solar-powered radio chip monitors windows to save energy - Window tints and acts as transparent battery - IMEC aims 8-bit plastic MPU at smart labels
Design & Products : Memory and data storage - Analog Design - Sensors and Transducers
PDF Version click here

December 2014 : Opinion :Catcher drones to geo-fence industrial sites -What is Design-to-Cost and why does it matter ?
News & Technology : Korea, France join forces on driverless cars R&D -Communications become mission-critical -Vicor's CEO Patrizio Vinciarelli interview -Consumers have a say at Cartes -Murata succumbs to IoT temptation -Lunch with Dialog Semiconductors' CEO Jalal Bagherli -ADI swallows Hittite -Wireless implants used to kill bacterial infection -Colour-temperature tunable LEDs
Design & Products : Test & Measurement - Inteconnects - Medical Electronics
PDF Version click here

November 2014 + electronica supplement : Opinion : IoT cybersecurity : is EDA ready to deliver ? - The sounds of silence in the car
News & Technology : "New" MEMS evolution coming - Can Big-Data solution free EVs from range anxiety ? Samtec expands Line of Rugged Micro Interconnect Products - A breeding ground for French startups - When the steering wheel is a computer - Fraunhofer ENAS shrinks 2D e-compasses - Cree patent integrates LED and OLED technologies - Beyond programmability, full design observability at runtime - Startup creates virtual cores
Design & Products : M2M Communications - Power Supplies - Motor Control & Drives PDF Version click here

October 2014 : Opinion : Consumer-driven surveillance takes shape - iWaste of time News & Technology : Trillion Sensor Summit - Will Direct-to-Digital Conversion Displace Microwave Converters ? - Centralised architecture : Apps as driver assistant systems - CEO interview : AMS' Laney on driving as a sensor-driven business - Could AMS' expansion be bad news for Europe ? - MultiSIL tool comes free in Mouser's blue - French startup Arveni is launching a line of batteryless wall switchesDesign & Products : Display Technologies - RF & Microwave Design - Analog Design PDF Version click here

September 2014 : Opinion : Cutting down on personal data leaks - IoT : sensor fusion or confusion News & Technology : Desktop PCB factory - MEMS leaders under pressure - Hanns Windele interviews Sir Peter Bonfield - What's that smell ? An app for that soon, says Sensirion - mCube forms indoor navigation subsidiary - Infineon closes technlogy gap through International Rectifier takeover - BMW invoke fast battery charges to spark EV sales - Tronics' CEO Langlois makes moves in MEMS Design & Products : Energy harvesting - Programmable Logic - Optoelectronics PDF Version click here

July/August 2014 : Opinion : Rousset judgement is economic and social mistake - Will sensor fusion drive neuromorphic computing ?
News & Technology : Clearing away the fog of computing for IoT- Infineon to create 200 new jobs in Austria - Augmented reality gets physical with haptics - E-car research project sets efficiency standards - Can rust revolutionize solar cell technology - Mentor Graphics’ Hanns Windele interviews Shlomo Gadot from Inuitive -5 G, IoT pose new challenges to testing - mCube’s CEO interview - Xilinx’SDNet - Red phosphors enhance white-emitting LEDs
Design & Products : Geolocation & Navigation - Industrial Computing - Data Encryption & SecurityPDF Version click here

June 2014 : Opinion : Next-gen MOST data bus brings Gigabit networking to the car
News & Technology : Europe can shine in global electronic production - Talking traffic lights : which language would be used ? - Who owns the space above your garden ? - CEO interviews : Louis DiNardo, Exar Corp – Reinhard Ploss, Infineon - Google's modular phone to bypass wearables - R&D project targets fully adaptive automotive lighting - Open-source projects key to popularize 3D printing - Japan's chip fabs turn to growing lettuce
Design & Products : Flexible Electronics - Sensors & Data Acquisition - Energy Storage PDF Version click here

May 2014 :Opinion : Mushrooms recover gold out of mobile scrap
News & Technology : Google safeguards future wearable IP with smart lens patents - ECSEL Germany launched with automotive touch - A wise bet on Android's host card emulation - CamSemi CEO, David Baillie, talks to Hans Windele of Mentor Graphics - 4K OLED : the last status symbol before TV obsolescence ? - Li-Fi reaches 1 Gbps : lighting the path to a new internet model - Amazon's smartphone : a consumers tacking tool in disguise
Design & Products : Power Design - Interconnects & Circuit Packaging - Digital Signal Processing PDF Version click here

April 2014 : Opinion : Europe must back the Rousset Phoenix - Dealing with the Draft R&TTE Directive News & Technology : Passing the torch : sustaining the legacy of Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard - Digital opium set to drive Facebook - EU Cybersecurity to standardize under ETSI - How toxic is Paris ? European project tackles the issue - Automotive MEMS : a changing global landscape
Design & Products : Test & Measurement : Reduce production cost by minimizing the cost of repair - Optoelectronics : See-through OLED display eye-interactive - Wearable Electronics : Wearable ring for gesture control PDF Version click here

March 2014 : Opinion : The future of video surveillance is hyperspectral -Apple, Tesla, the perfect couple ? News & Technology : MIPS and ARM are bringing virtualisation to industrial microcontrollers in different ways -VTT develops e-nose sensor -Google prototypes depth-sensing mobile phone -IBM sets data transfer record in multimode optical fibre -Flexible OLED lighting demonstrators 50µm thin -IBM begins US Layoffs -CEO interview : Tunc Doluca preps Maxim for IoT era Design & Products : Power Management -EDA special -Circuit Protection & enclosures PDF Version click here

February 2014 : Opinion : Precisely not there : fake GPS positioning - Is graphene a real opportunity News & Technology : -Intel Galileo vs Raspberry PI Comparison -Magnetic 'lens' aids wireless power transfer - Is Nokia's 2007 decline a lesson for Samsung today ? - Five technology trends for 2014 from National Instruments - Manufacturers' top tips to cost effective 3D IC production - E-whiskers could turn robots hairy Design & Products : MOEMS & MEMS - Audio & Video Processing - Programming & Development Kits PDF Version click here

January 2014 : Opinion : What a Mess : The closure of Lfourndry Rousset - Safe and secure at any speed News & Technology : Acquisitions shake up telecoms chip landscape - Agilent Technologies to spin-off Keysight Technologies by early November 2014 - E-Cigarettes : st more e-waste or an opportunity to educate consumers - E-waste to jump one-third to 65.4 million tonnes annually by 2017
IEC presses for a single charger specification for notebook computers - Bosch Sensortec grows in mobile and beyond, says CEO - IR sensor startup preps smartphone bid - Continental to showcase first concepts jointly developed with IBM - Ford rolls research platform for automated driving Design & Products : Analog & Mixed Signal - Passive Components PDF Version click here

December 2013 : Opinion : Should Abu Dhabi build a MEMS fab ? - HLS is dead, long live HLS ? Time for a revolution News & Technology : Interview Januz Bryzek, VP of MEMS and sensing solutions at Fairchild Semiconductor - Mobile smart card payment terminals tap into emerging markets - Touch-interactive posters use conductive ink and Bluetooth to run smartphone apps - Wearable textile battery can be recharged by lightweight solar cells - Interface fits e-vehicles into the smart grid - X-FAB ready for global growth, says CEO - Future OLEDs and solar cells to come straight from the printer - Amazon bets on GPS driven drones to deliver goods to your door step Design & Products : LED Lighting - Drives & Controls - Power Suppliers PDF Version click here

November 2013 : Opinion : Must manufacturing leave Europe ? - Revitalizing the older product News & Technology : Energy democratization will come : it's called multi-junction photovoltaics - Europe's chip industry in expectation of manna from (EU) heaven - Imec opens its toolbox : finer pitches, faster lanes, power and fancy stuff - Energy, Mobility, and the Cloud : key opportunities for power-management solutions - Modular Robots self-assemble - Design & Products : Automotive Electronics - Optoelectronics - Analog Design
PDF Version click here

October 2013 : Opinion : Can Edison2 convince Detroit to 'lighten up' ? - News & Technology : Daimler transplants Tesla drive into B-Class Benz - Flexible curved displays to top $27 Billion by 2023 - Apple's A7 chip fabricated at Samsung's foundry, M7 controller from NXP - Startup cuts through lack of IoT standards - Mouser : using 802.11 in industrial applications - Dialog Semiconductor's CEO lays ambitious plans - Multi-chip LED headlights adapt to driving situations - Solid phase epitaxy enables tensile strained GeSn MOSFET devices on Si - LED packaging market will keep soaring for the next two years - TSMC releases 16nm FinFET design flows -True white LEDs on the horizon - Design & Products : Displays & Interfaces – Wireless Communications – Digital Signal Processing

PDF Version click here

September 2013 : Opinion :DARPA funds neural image processor - News & Technology : ManuCloud project yields combined OLED and organic photovoltaic panels - Miniature SiP for electric vehicles - Synthetic polymers lower the cost of alkaline fuel cells - ReRAM startup bets on silver - Flow batteries going grid scale -Battery data without additional wiring - Why hydrogen cars are suddenly back in vogue - Flexible touch sensor system - Apple's iOS7 : too little, too late for automotive market - Memory magnetization technique - Portable tablet relies on the old analog TV RF frequencies - RFID antennas embedded into fibre composits
Design & Products : Interconnects - Test & Measurement – Fuel Cells & Energy Storage
PDF Version click here

July/August 2013 : Opinion :Smart grids and IoT convergence turns more data into cash -Wearable computing : let's get it on - News & Technology :Multicore systems face the tools challenge -Organic electronics another step closer to commercialisation -Single die MEMS oscillator hits the mainstream -Printing microbatteries could unravel new designs in medical applications -Imagination tips 'Warrior' MIPS cores -Direct semiconductor wafer bonds target next-gen solar cells -Toyota connects navigation systems to the cloud -Intel joins A4WP wireless charging group -Embedded Linux kernel tuned for virtualization and determinism -Non Volatile CBRAM memory block operates at less than 1V
Flexible Electronics - EDA & Design tools – Navigation & Geolocation
PDF Version click here

June 2013 : Opinion : Time to prepare for the end of Moore’s Law - Designing with circuit protection at the forethought -News & Technology :Silica gets on the passing lane in Europe’s LED market - Obsolescence group tackles long term supply and conflict minerals challenges - Power-one enters into patent license agreement with Microchip - Piezoelectric taxels convert motion to electronic signals - Roadmap to automated driving takes shape - MEMS-based micro mirror laser projector can be integrated into cell phones - Redux Labs spins out from HiWave to develop new haptics and embedded audio - Sharing the costs of research to circumvent the economics’ barrier
M2M Communication - Sensors & Data Loggers - Data Security
PDF version click here

May 2013 : Opinion : Will ASICs be replaced in comms gear - Bringing greater Quality-of-Service to small cells - News & Technologyt : Impulse-radio ultra-wide band IC takes the lead on accurate geo-positioning-Open Daylight project to develop open source code for software-defined networks-Organic image sensors sensitive to X-rays, visible and near IR spectrum ranges-Novel process could reduce OLED manufacturing costs-TSMC starts FinFETS in 2013, tries EUV at 10nm-Texas Instruments : a better way to the cloud with HP Project Moonshot-Smart watches will leverage smartphones adoption to flourish in 2013-Microsoft, Foxconn ink patent licensing deal
Power Componentsstrong> - Haptics & User Interfaces - Energy Harvesting PDF version click here

April 2013 -Flexible battery operational at a 300% stretch-Toshiba operating system designed to save power-Nose in clothes’ sensor for wearable electronics detects illness and fatigue-The BMW Group could soon integrate free-gesture paint defect control-Vehicle to vehicle communications to reach 62% by 2027-Fully recyclable organic solar cells take cellulose as an eco-friendly substrate-LED-on-microwire startup raises 10 million euros-Automotive safety-Electronics in robotics-Assembly & packaging -PDF version click here

March 2013 - European chip industry competitiveness - human body provides framework for communication channel - Atmel's VP European Sales Interview - Power Management - Medical Electronics - MEMs Technologies - PDF version click here

February 2013 - Mouser : open source hardware changes the game - Taking a new direction with analog
- audio & video electronics - memory & data storage - embedded electronics - PDF version click here

January 2013: circuit building for kids - BMW brings LTE connectivity to its vehicles and others
- Volvo, Ericsson jointly connect cars to the cloud - Plessey's CEO interview - Test & Measurement - Connectors & Cabling - RFID Technologies PDF version click here

December 2012 : Thousands of 3D models and schematics for free - Antenna-on-chip speeds infrared light transmission - Ultra porous copper material up to 10 times more effective than conventional heat sinks - Smart home splits over low power - All-carbon solar cell could shave off expensive materials from today's photovoltaics - ARM CEO Warren East on IoT, Nokia, platforms, Europe's future - MISRA-C moves into embedded ARM development - OLEDs to face stiff competition from classic LEDs - Solar energy funnel offers new way of harnessing photons for electricity - CMOS-compatible wafer-level 2D thin-film magnetic cores - Displays & Interfaces - RFID & e-Payment - MEMS Technologies

November 2012 : electronica issue

October2012 :
- Mouser Electronics - Where the European Design Community goes to Assemble - Chinese test instruments manufacturer active on European feedback
- LSI Logic : Jeff Richardson's interview
- Digital Signal Processing
- Telematics & Logistics : car sharing as a smartphone app - trucks get to speed on the road to pen connectivity
- Analog Design
- Reader offer

September 2012 : Apple v. Samsung : rights and wrongs - Patents drive innovation : interview James Dyson - Light-emitting foils could offer cost-effective OLED alternative - Energy Harvesting - Optoelectronics - Data Acquisition

July/August 2012 : Four reason s why its 'game over' for foreign chip firms in China - - New EU Data Directive will drive turning point for security - On the photonics roadmap: chip-to-chip and intra-chip interconnects - Special focus on : power supplies - medical electronics - programmable logic

June 2012 :a giant leap for the Android ecosystem - living virus generates electricity - mini-projector for smartphones - Special focus on : sensors & data conversion - EDA & design tools - flexible electronics

May 2012 : EU photonic wireless project - Ultra-sensitive electrical biosensor - Stretching the limits of printed electronics - Special focus : power design - design for manufacture - user interfaces

April 2012 : Power at the core of smart system integration - Opel develops intelligent, non-dazzle LED-based headlight - Zhaga-compliant, interchangeable LED modules - Special focus : Circuit protection - Motor Control - Robotics

March 2012 : Exclusive interview : Wind River's view on Europe - Voltage regulators stacked in 3-D

- Special focus : Power Management - Identification & Tracking - Memory & Data Storage

February 2012 : Leap ahead with Mouser and the latest M2M Technologies - Embedded World Preview - Special Focus : Analog & Mixed Signal - Wireless Communications - Embedded Computing

January 2012 : LED color regulation for lighting design - Organic photovoltaics offer greener benefits - Solution-based fabrication techniques for flex and stretch electronics - Special focus : LED LIGHTING - INTERCONNECTS - TEST & MEASUREMENTS
December 2011 : Special focus : identification - display technologies - sensors & data conversion

November 2011 : - the next crop of technologies at Imec's 2011 Technology Forum
- artificial leaf performs direct hydrolysis in sunlight - Autosar between home stretch and new challenges - Human-Machine interfaces : 3D imaging enters the human body with microlens-equipped endoscopes - Special focus : power management - drives and controls - distribution corner

October 2011 : answering Europe's alternative energy challenge - managing IP quality in the SoC era - eliminating HDMI signal conditioning challenges - special focus : analog & mixed signal - embedded computing - digital signal processing

September 2011 photo detectors & sensors designed to be flexible - mobile TV's evolution - 4-camera system to tackle 3D TV - BMW develops laser-based headlight technology - Special focus : optoelectronics - automotive - RF & Wireless

August 2011: car battery in a bottle - photovoltaics energy-conversion system - A19 LED bulbs -Special focus : analog & mixed signal - data acquisition- passive components A19 LED bulbs
July 2011: Organic photovoltaics - car electronics - flexible electronics
June 2011: Bio-inspired robotics - Tackling power efficiency at PCIM - Special Focus : EDA & Design Tools - Sensors & Data Conversion

May 2011 : Medical Electronics - Motors and Drives - Display Technologies

April 2011 :Japan's fabs assess the damage in quake's aftermath – X-Fab co-CEO interview – M2M Communication – Power supplies – Passive Components

March 2011 : Self-tunable vibration energy harvesting MEMs - Xilinx'MPCore & FPGA single-chip platform - Special Focus : Analog & Mixed Signal - EDA - Energy Harvesting

February 2011 : Reaping the benefits of energy harversting - Tabula unveils 3D-PLD EDA tool - Focus : power management - data storage - embedded computing

January 2011 : 10 execs and 10 technologies that are changing the game - Special Focus : Test & Measurement - Interconnect - RF & Wireless

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