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40A µModule Regulator with, 88% Efficiency, 0% Derating at 85°C, and 40°C Rise

The LTM4636 is a 40A step-down µModule switching regulator with 3D packaging construction for quicker heat dissipation and cooler operation in a small package. By stacking its inductor on top of a 16mm x 16mm BGA package, the LTM4636 benefits from the exposed inductor as a heat sink permitting direct contact with airflow from any direction to cool the device. The LTM4636 can deliver 40W (12VIN, 1VOUT, 40A, 200LFM) with only 40°C rise over the ambient temperature. Full-power 40W is delivered up to 83°C ambient and half-power 20W is supported at 110°C ambient.

The LTM4636 operates at 92%, 90% and 88% efficiency delivering 15A, 30A and 40A, respectively, to a 1V load (12VIN). The µModule regulator is scalable where four LTM4636s in current sharing mode deliver 160W with only 40°C rise and 88% efficiency (12VIN, 1VOUT, 400LFM).

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Building a Wireless Sensor Network with Thousands of Nodes

A SmartMesh IP network consists of a highly scalable self-forming multi-hop mesh of nodes, known as motes, which collect and relay data, and a network manager that monitors and manages network performance and security, and exchanges data with a host application.
VManager software runs on an x86 virtual machine (VM), which can be installed on a variety of hardware platforms, from cloud servers down to low power embedded x86-based processors. The VManager software is delivered from Linear Technology as a pre-compiled and tested VM application that may run on VMWare, or Oracle VirtualBox VMs.

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Precision Dual Output, High Current, Low Noise, Low Drift Reference

Precision and mixed signal applications usually require a voltage reference and at times several regulators or LDOs to support the analog circuitry. Separate regulators isolate the analog supply, digital supply and the voltage reference. The voltage reference supports the reference inputs of DACs and ADCs, and other devices that require a precise low noise voltage. The LT6658 satisfies the requirements of both, a voltage reference and regulator to provide an accurate voltage and enough current to supply power to sensitive precision analog blocks.

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60V, 4A Monolithic Buck Regulator w/ Rail-to-Rail Programmable Output and Integrated Current Monitoring

The LTC3649 step-down regulator combines key features of a high voltage buck regulator with a complete feature set that allows for ease of use in a variety of applications.  The output voltage can be programmed with one resistor from ISET to GND, or it can be programmed directly with a voltage on the ISET pin.  The LTC3649 accommodates a wide VIN and VOUT range of operation, and has the capability of monitoring and regulating on average output current as well as regulating on input voltage.

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24-Bit 2Msps SAR ADC with Digital Filter Simplifies Your System

The LTC2380-24 is a versatile 24-bit SAR ADC that combines state-of-the-art performance at a sampling rate of 2Msps with flexibility and ease of use. In this video, we will describe two unique features of this device that will allow you to greatly simplify your system. A flexible integrated digital filter makes it easy to trade off throughput for dynamic range and a novel digital interface supports slow serial communication.

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Time Synchronization in a SmartMesh IP Network for Precise Timestamping and Control

In this short video we show an LED light demo to demonstrate the time synchronization capability of a SmartMesh IP Network. The fundamental technology that holds a SmartMesh IP Network together is time synchronization. All radio communication in the network is scheduled, and every node in the network has a precise sense of time. Time synchronization allow the network to exist, and that time information can also be used by the sensor.

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5W Full Bridge AutoResonant Transmitter IC Simplify Wireless Power Design

Wireless Power enables applications where it is difficult or impossible to use a connector to deliver power. Examples include products that need to operate in harsh environments or need to be cleaned or sterilized as well as products that are simply too small for a connector. However, integrated solutions for the transmitter and receiver circuits usually involves relatively complex hardware and software design.

In this video, we show the LTC4125 – a full featured wireless power transmitter IC. Various high performance wireless power systems can be designed with an LTC4125 and one of several battery charger ICs in the Linear Technology portfolio as the receiver. With LTC4125 at the core of a wireless transmitter, most of the design complexity is reduced to determining the value of a few resistors and capacitors.

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High Power Hot Swap with Power Sharing and Digital Telemetry

Hot Swap circuits are increasingly being used at power levels above 1000W. At these power levels multiple switch MOSFETs are required, but adding MOSFETs does not improve the power dissipation capability of the circuit when the current is regulated because the MOSFETs don’t inherently share current. The LTC4282 addresses this problem by dividing the MOSFETs into two parallel banks with independent current limits that enforce sharing between the two banks. This method doubles the SOA of an application while using the same number and type of MOSFETs of a traditional solution, allowing the use of less expensive MOSFETs with lower SOA.


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Wide Common Mode Range Current Sensing

The LT6375 difference amplifier enables very accurate wide common mode current sensing applications. Its superior performance compared to alternative industry standard difference amplifiers translates into better accuracy in demanding current sensing measurement applications. The LT6375 is a flexible general purpose difference amplifier. It can be used for bidirectional measurement at very high voltage, very low voltage, and all voltages in between. This video explores the superior performance achieved in a wide variety of high voltage current sensing applications with the LT6375.

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Simultaneously Digitize Eight High-Voltage Arbitrary Swing Signals

Many common monitoring and control applications require multiple analog input signals to be simultaneously sampled and digitized, preserving time-domain correlation and frequency-domain phase relationships between the signals in the digital domain. The LTC2348-18 is designed specifically for these applications. The device simultaneously samples eight channels of high-voltage input signals and digitizes them using a high-performance 18-bit successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC). It offers superb linearity, noise, DC precision, common-mode rejection ratio, and active crosstalk while converting all channels at 200ksps per channel throughput.


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