0.5” OLED display delivers UXGA resolution at up to 240fps

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Available at global imaging expert Framos, the ECX339A is a 0.5”-type of display and reaches the highest resolution in its class, with 1600×1200 pixels UXGA. By leveraging Sony’s OLED display and miniaturization technology, the ECX339A achieves the same level of low-power operation as its predecessors, but with resolution factor 1.6. The speed is now also doubled with the new Microdisplay achieving up to 240fps (dual-line progressive) when paired with Sony’s original driving system. With LVDS / Sub-LVDS video interfacing, a maximum luminance of 1000cd/m² and excellent 100,000:1 or higher contrast ratio, the new ECX339A is well-suited for head-mounted devices enabling Virtual and Augmented Reality with excellent image quality and fast response times.
The doubled frame rate allows the capture of fast-moving subjects with higher accuracy, delivering a more comfortable shooting experience. In digital camera electronic viewfinders and head-mounted display devices, this will help to improve image delay issue for items superimposed on real-world vision of AR/VR and to avoid motion sickness during usage. Mass production starts in November 2018.
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