0.6mm thin phase-shifted LED backlight driver

0.6mm thin phase-shifted LED backlight driver

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The phase-shifted technology in the SC5010 minimizes demand on the input and output capacitance offering the high efficiency of conventional non-phase shifted switching regulators, with significantly lower noise, less EMI (electromagnetic interference), and no need for noise filtering components. The chip can power up to 112 LEDs, with currents up to 30mA per channel. The integrated control loop architecture of the device allows programmable switching frequencies as fast as 2.2MHz and is the key to enabling phase-shifted dimming using very small, low-profile inductors as small as 2.2µH (1mm height). Additionally, this approach reduces BOM size and cost by eliminating external compensation and noise filtering components.

The loop architecture also prevents display flicker and shutdown caused by line transients that can occur in automotive applications. This is achieved via the ultra-fast transient response of the SC5010, which allows it to handle line transients up to 10V/µs.
The SC5010 LED driver features a wide PWM input dimming range of 5000:1 at 200Hz and a dimming frequency range from 100Hz to 30kHz. It also provides user-selectable 9 or 10 bit dimming resolution and a 5-bit analog dimming register that can be used in conjunction with PWM to increase the dimming resolution.

The device delivers accurate backlight color temperature and uniform brightness across the entire display, with +/-1% channel-to-channel current matching and accuracy of +/-1.5%. Full protection functions include open LED and programmable shorted LED, adjustable over-voltage (OVP), and over-temperature protections; as well as under-voltage lock out (UVLO) shutdown. It comes in a 28-pin MLPQ package with exposed thermal pad, measuring 4x4x0.6mm.

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