1.0×0.5×0.5mm embedded antenna enables dual-band WLAN

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Called Minuta, the ceramic antenna measures only 1.0×0.5×0.5mm making it one of the smallest embedded antennas available today, specifically developed for the newer 4.9-5.9GHz frequency which is less cluttered than 2.4-2.5GHz. The Minuta antenna, part number SRC2W006, operates at 2.4-2.5GHz and 4.9-5.9GHZ and matches the Wi-Fi 802.11a/h/j/n/p/ac standards. It offers designers some useful flexibility in the layout of a PCB, as it does not need a position on a corner, it can be placed along one of the long edges of a board. The antenna is suitable for access points and portable devices, including body-worn devices.

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