1.2×1.0x0.3mm AT cut crystals cover 36MHz up to 80MHz

1.2×1.0x0.3mm AT cut crystals cover 36MHz up to 80MHz

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They cover a frequency range of 36MHz up to 80 MHz and come with a frequency tolerance of +/-10ppm. They operate across a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C with a maximum frequency deviation of +/-30ppm. At reduced temperature ranges like -10°C to +60°C a stability of +/-10ppm can be reached.
Typical load capacitances are 5-7pF and the series resistance is stated with 200ohm max, but can reach values of 100ohms or less at higher frequencies. Despite their tiny size, the crystals’ parameters can compete with those of much bigger size.
The units come on tape and reels with 3000pcs per reel. They are fully RoHs compliant and reflow solderable. They are especially suited for application in small sized modules like M2M, Bluetooth, W-LAN, GSM , GPS, Wearables and medical portable equipment. Bigger sized packages like 1612, 2016 and 2520 are also available.

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