1.6×1.6×0.85mm IR-LEDs slim enough for smartwatch biometrics

1.6×1.6×0.85mm IR-LEDs slim enough for smartwatch biometrics

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In contrast to smartphones, where the screen can't seem to be big enough, smart watches focus on being smaller in size. The particularly compact dimensions of the specially developed Oslon P1616 package measuring only 1.6x1.6x0.85mm, make the SFH 4170S and SFH 4180S the smallest Osram components for biometric applications.
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Compared to similar products today, the two IREDs require about 50 percent less space, claims the manufacturer.

Despite their small dimensions, the IREDs deliver 1150mW at 1A and with a radiation intensity of 280mW/sr. These characteristics are particularly important for 2D face recognition. This identification method focuses on two-dimensional features of the user’s face, for example, the length of the bridge of the nose, the distance between the eyes or the distance from corner to corner of the mouth. In order to reliably compare the image stored in the system with the current picture, the infrared camera must be able to capture the best possible images – making homogeneous illumination of the face with an infrared light source a central aspect of this application. Depending on where the IREDs are ultimately used, customers can choose between the 850 nm (SFH 4170S) or the 940 nm (SFH 4180S) version. While the SFH 4170S benefits from the very high sensitivity of the sensors in this wavelength range, the SFH 4180S avoids the “red glow” effect, which can be seen by the human eye and is particularly unpopular in consumer applications.

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