10 MHz USB data acquisition module with two isolated analog inputs

10 MHz USB data acquisition module with two isolated analog inputs

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Unlike conventional data acquisition modules, the DT9862 does not multiplex the input signals, but provides a separate A/D converter for each input channel. In burst sampling mode, the new module achieves a maximum sampling rate of 10 MHz for each of the two channels. In streaming mode, it can sample either one channel at 10 MHz or two channels at 5 MHz each, and transfer the data directly to the PC. This makes optimum use of the maximum USB 2.0 bus speed of 25 MB/s. In addition to the two analog inputs, the DT9862 data acquisition module features 32 digital I/O channels, two counter/timers (32-bit), and three quadrature decoders which may be used for determining X/Y positions and rotational speed. A version with two analog outputs (2 MSamples/s, ±2.5 V) is optionally available. All input and output channels can be run simultaneously and synchronously, and are galvanically isolated from the USB 2.0 port up to ±500 V.

The module is available installed in a compact metal connection box with SMA connectors, or as a board-level OEM version. All the versions ship with a comprehensive software package that is compatible with Windows 7, XP and Vista. The package comprises a wide choice of useful software development and integration tools, including 32/64 bit drivers for .NET, LabVIEW and MATLAB.

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