10 reference boards to win for extremely low power mobile applications

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The main power consumer is the NXP Cortex-M0 based LPC11U14 MCU which, clocked at 50MHz, requires 8mA. The temperature sensors are in next place, also by NXP (I2C active type) with a maximum input of 300µA and RTC at 200µA. In normal operating mode the system power input is reduced to around 2.37mA mainly by lowering the processor frequency to 12MHz. The whole system only draws 366µA in sleep mode and the Deep Power Down Mode further reduces power consumption down to 2.27µA. An acceleration sensor signals wakes up the CPU when the board is moved. High-performance mini solar panels, such as those offered by Sharp, supply up to 390mW power of in sunlight and about 1mW with indoor lighting. During a Deep Power Down Mode, this is enough to charge a lithium ion battery or a super capacitor.

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