1000-W rugged, compact DC/DC converter handle harsh industrial environments

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Other input/output values are also possible. An optional built-in redundancy diode allows for parallel and N+1 operation.  An output fail alarm is also available as an option.

Cooled by long life built-in fans and by conduction, the units are rated for full specification at a 0 to 50ºC temperature range; extended temperature ranges are also possible with de-rating. The calculated MTBF of the units is 130,000 hours at 45ºC.  Demonstrated figures are expected to be higher.  

The rugged converters meet EN61373/IEC61373 shock and vibration standards. The units are filtered to meet EN 55022 Class A EMI. Output ripple/noise is less than 1% peak-to-peak and combined line/load regulation of less than ±1% from zero-load to full load. Protection includes inrush current limiting, reverse polarity protection and continuous current limiting with short-circuit protection with no hiccup. Efficiency is typically 85% at full load.

Standard versions of the BAP 65-125-XXFT series are priced in the $386 range in quantities of 100.  

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