105V, 2.3A Low-EMI Synchronous Step-Down Regulator

105V, 2.3A Low-EMI Synchronous Step-Down Regulator

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Today, many electronic systems require power processing at higher voltages, while simultaneously demanding increased efficiency and low EMI/EMC emissions. The LTC7103 meets all of these challenges, with an unprecedented combination versatility and simplicity.
By Wisse Hettinga


The LTC7103 is a 105V, 2.3A, synchronous step-down regulator that incorporates a proprietary architecture in a small 5mm x 6mm QFN package to achieve ultra-low EMI/EMC emissions without sacrificing efficiency. Operating from an input voltage between 4.4V and 105V, the LTC7103 has a no-load input current of only 2μA when regulating 48Vin to 3.3Vout.

Utilizing a unique average current mode architecture, the LTC7103 offers fast and accurate output current programming and monitoring without the need for an external sense resistor. Eight, pin-selectable fixed output voltages and optional internal loop compensation save board space and quiescent current while making the LTC7103 extremely easy to use.

See the video here.

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