£10m IoT platform in Isles of Scilly for renewable energy

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By Nick Flaherty

The Internet of Things (IoT) platform in the Smart Islands project will manage and balance renewable energy generation, making 100 homes more energy efficient and supporting 200 businesses on Isles of Scilly and in Cornwall.

The project will use renewable energy generation on the islands through smart heating technologies, battery storage and electric vehicles and act as a demonstrator for other projects around Europe. It will use the experience from two of Hitachi’s former Smart Communities and Smart Energy demonstration projects in Greater Manchester and Hawaii that were spearheaded by Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

“We are making it simpler to deploy digital solutions as we get started with IoT in the UK,” said Kazuo Abe, Managing Director at Hitachi Europe. “This project is a priority for our social innovation business; we must start satisfying customer demand to play a relevant role in decarbonising the economy.”

Energy will  generated from waste, sewerage and a mix of renewable energy sources through a locally owned Community Energy Services Company and managed by the smart grid and IoT network.

assivSystems of Newbury, UK, will supply the home energy management systems for domestic buildings that will manage the connections to the power sources and supply building energy monitoring systems for commercial properties.

UK battery company Moixa will supply systems to allow home batteries and electric vehicle batteries to be managed by the IoT platform and support the islands’ energy system. “This project will show how home batteries and electric vehicles, controlled by smart software, can support a reliable, cost-effective, low-carbon energy system that delivers major savings to homeowners and the community,” said Chris Wright, Chief Technology Officer at Moixa.

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