1.0mm MicroSpeed connector in 2-row 90° version support up to 10 Gbit/s

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They are the result of intensive development work using new connecting and material technologies, combined with Erni’s proven double-sided spring contacts and complete shielding of the top and bottom sides. The modular and shielded signal connectors are available in 2 rows with 50 pins, and operate across a wide temperature range of -55 to +125°C.

The signal contacts are built with SMT termination, and are also equipped with two termination options for the enveloping shielding depending on the application; SMT or Through Hole Reflow (THR) for extra heavy cards or extra mechanical strain relief. SMT signal coplanarity is 100% guaranteed at less than 0.10mm on all contacts.

The signal connector‘s longitudinal pitch of 1.0mm and transverse pitch of 1.5mm allows the differential or single-ended signals to be arranged horizontally or vertically to meet specific impedance requirements. Optimized crosstalk behavior is achieved through a variety of layout configurations and is supported by test data, available upon request.

MicroSpeed connectors are supplied in tape and reel packaging. They are equipped with black insulator housings to ensure fast and reliable visual recognition, and a pre-mounted pick-and-place cover for easy assembly onto the PCB.
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