1200-W DC-input bulk front-end power supply is digitally programmable

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Developed specifically for systems co-located with telecom and central office applications operating from 48 V battery plants, the new DS1200DC-3 power supply has a wide input voltage range of -40 to -72 Vdc. In addition to its main +12 Vdc output, which can deliver up to 100-A continuously, the power supply also generates an auxiliary ‘always on’ output for powering standby circuitry.
Housed in a compact plug-in rack-mounting module, the Emerson Network Power DS1200DC-3 has a 1U x 2U form factor – it is just 4cm) high by 8.1cm wide. Use of the latest power conversion topology means that it has a very high efficiency – typically in excess of 85 percent at half load – and a power density of 1.3 W/cm3. The power supply has an operating temperature range of minus 10 to 55 degrees Celsius and features a built-in cooling fan with automatic speed control; forward and reversed airflow versions are available to simplify integration with the rack’s cooling layout.
The supplies are hot pluggable, have no minimum load requirement, and incorporate low-loss internal ORing Field Effect Transistors (FETs) on the main 12 V output, for fault-tolerant and N+1 redundancy applications. The DS1200DC-3 also supports active current sharing with its ac-input DS1200 series counterpart, enabling users to implement mixed ac/dc input power schemes easily.

The Emerson Network Power DS1200DC-3 offers users a choice of a 3.3 Vdc or 5 Vdc auxiliary output, rated at 6 A and 4 A respectively. The main +12 Vdc output and the auxiliary output are both regulated to within plus or minus 5 percent for all permissible input, load and temperature conditions, with output ripple on the 12 V output kept to a maximum of 120 mV p-p. The 12 V output is adjustable by plus or minus 5 percent via the I2C interface bus and can be set to a very high accuracy of plus or minus 0.2 percent.

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