1200V IGBT family reduces automotive inverter size

1200V IGBT family reduces automotive inverter size

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By Nick Flaherty

The RGS series includes AEC-Q101-compliant 1200V and 650V IGBTs with low conduction loss that contributes to reducing size and to improving efficiency of applications. The device structure reduces VCE(sat) to 1.70V, which enables approximately 10% to 15% reduction in conduction losses compared to conventional products.

In recent years, an increasing number of automotive makers are offering electric vehicles in response to growing environmental awareness and rising fuel costs. Increasing the number of electric vehicles also advances the need for electric compressors often driven with IGBT’s. Internal combustion engine vehicles have used the heat dissipated from the engines themselves as source to heat the cabin. However, the demand for systems that use circulating warm water with PTC heater as a heat source has been increasing. IGBTs that operate at low frequency are commonly used in inverters and switches for these applications. Especially in electric vehicles, the power consumption of the compressor and heater affects the driving range, so improved efficiency is desirable.

Another trend in this market is the increase in battery capacity to improve driving range. Especially in Europe, higher voltage batteries (800V) require power devices featuring low loss and higher withstand voltages, which increases the demand for both 650V-rated and 1200V-rated IGBTs. The 1200V devices have a short-circuit resistance of 10 μsec (Tj=25℃) to improve the reliability for automotive applications.

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