1260-lumen modular ceiling LED light consumes less than 15-W

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By eeNews Europe

Using a new generation of LED thermal and lighting technology the 295 mm square GL-PL0303-V2 consumes 14.8 W while producing up to 1260 lumens, and the longer GL-PL0312-V2 fluorescent tube replacement LED light, with dimensions of 295 mm x 1195 mm, reduces energy consumption to 44.5 W while producing up to 3900 lumens.

At 295 mm, the LED ceiling light fit within the width of standard modular ceiling tiles without consuming too much energy. The 295 mm square GL-PL0303-V2 produces a bright yet non-obtrusive 1100 lumens or more and the 295 mm x 1195 mm GL-PL0312-V2 produces 3600 lumens or more, meaning less luminaires to install, and lower energy bills for the same amount of light.

Compared to fluorescent tube lighting, the LED panel lights from GlacialLight claim to produce a smooth, bright light across the entire LED panel, creating more pleasant and even area illumination with less flicker and glare. Color temperatures can be chosen from 3000K (warm white), 4000K (neutral white), or 6000K (cool white) to suit the lighting ambience. A dimming option with 1-10 V DC, PWM and Resistor dimming is compatible with a variety of lighting control systems and switches, allowing users to easily adjust the level of light. The included LED driver has a two-stage design and is IP67 and CUL certified.

In two different sizes – a square 295 mm model as well as a longer 295 mm x 1195 mm model the lights with an ultra-slim 10 mm thickness fit within standard suspended ceilings. The lights can be recessed mounted (295 mm standard, 300 mm with the spacer or 315 mm with the clip-on mounts). Surface mounting and suspension cable mounting options are also available, meaning these panel lights can be installed on almost any ceiling type.


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