12bit SAR converter IP for 1.8V microcontroller designs

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By Nick Flaherty

The ADC IP is proven in silicon with a 2MSPS sampling rate, multilple channels, high precision and low power consumption for high performance microcontrollers in a range of applicaitons inlcuding the Internet of Things (IoT). 

The 12bit SAR ADC uses a monotonic transfer function and no missing codes and occupies an area of 0.2mm2. It can operate reliably under a wide range of supply voltage from 1.8V to 5.5V, and temperature from -40ºC to +125ºC, with power consumption of 3.5mW under 2MSPS sampling rate and 3.3V, and 1.8mW under 2MSPS sampling rate and 2.0V.. 

The dynamic performance is 70dB SNDR under 2MSPS sampling rate and 3.3V, and 69dB SNDR under 1.5MSPS sampling rate and 1.8V

The 12bit SAR ADC IP provides ten external input channels (eight of which can be flexibly configured to operate in either the differential or single-ended mode, while the other two are used for external reference voltage mearsurement) and one internal input channel (used for supply voltage measurement).

The built-in digital calibration circuit can correct the offset of the internal comparator and the linear error of the internal DAC. Furthermore, the positive and negative reference voltages as well as the sampling period length can both be customised and configured.


“The introduction of the 12-bit SAR ADC IP demonstrates the development and innovation ability of Hua Hong Semiconductor,” said Dr. Kong Weiran, Executive Vice President of Hua Hong Semiconductor. “As an important part of our MCU series solutions, successful tape-out and verification of the ADC IP on the 0.11um ULL eFlash platform can effectively help our customers reduce chip power consumption and cost, simplify system design, which will, in turn, enhance their competitiveness in different markets, such as IoT, manufacturing, and automotive electronics.” 

Hua Hong Semiconductor operates through the consolidation of Shanghai Hua Hong NEC Electronics and Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing. It has already announced a number of analogue IP series, such as RTC, BGR, LDO, PORI, PORE, RC OSC, LCD driver, and ADC in order to target the fast growing MCU market. The pure-play 200mm foundry focusses on specialty applications, in particular eNVM and power discretes, with other advanced process technologies such as RFCMOS, analogue and mixed signal, PMIC and MEMS. According to IHS, based on total 2016 revenues, the Group ranked second globally amongst pure-play 200mm foundries with three fabs in Shanghai, with an approximate total capacity of 166,000 wafers per month.


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