150V diodes combine switching speed and softness

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Based on the company’s Qspeed merged-PIN technology, the diodes have the lowest junction capacitance (CJ) and lowest reverse recovery charge (QRR) in the market – respectively 60% and 40% lower than trench Schottky devices.

This balance of attributes assists high-frequency operation, so that small and inexpensive magnetic components may be used while maintaining maximum efficiency. The devices’ excellent EMI performance means that the need for snubber capacitors is also reduced or even eliminated, further improving efficiency and reducing cost.

Power Integrations comments that its tests show that these devices are the fastest switching silicon diodes in the market with the lowest switching losses, and that they exceed the performance of the best trench Schottky diodes by at least a factor of two, which is particularly beneficial for applications with high switching frequencies.

Available from 10A to 40A in common-cathode configuration, these new 150V diodes target applications in DC/DC converters and output rectifiers for hard switching or soft switching. The LQA150 devices are immediately available in DPAK, D2PAK and TO-220 packages, ranging from $0.33 to $0.96 (10,000).

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