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Today, vehicle lighting is by no means limited to headlights or direction indicators. With its digital projection systems, ams Osram (AMLS) even wants to turn the vehicle and its surroundings into a canvas. On the one hand, digital projections should enable OEMs to break new ground in design and make vehicles unique with the use of light. On the other hand, they should open up numerous possibilities for the end customer to display individual content. The spectrum ranges from static motifs and patterns to fully dynamic videos, in the vehicle environment and also in the interior.

The systems feature a flexible and compact design based on the Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) approach. This results in a wide range of options for installation in and on the vehicle in order to display projections on various surfaces in the exterior as well as in the interior. Especially in the interior, the modules unfold their full potential due to their small size and flexibility, the supplier believes. For example, they extend the welcome scenario, which is projected in front of the driver and passenger doors when entering the vehicle, to the dashboard. There, the projection can be synchronised with the ambient lighting and individually adjusted according to the mood of the passengers. Installed in the rear of the vehicle, the DMD projectors can also display full-width images, graphics and videos on the headliner. This enlarges the interior effect and at the same time is intended to create a more pleasant atmosphere. Furthermore, the lighting designers see additional entertainment possibilities for the rear passengers.

Furthermore, DMD modules can be used to supplement important safety functions in the exterior area and to realise additional interaction lights. For example, the modules can project a kind of light carpet in front of the driver’s and passenger’s door for better visibility when boarding – a certain relief for driver and passengers in darkness or poor visibility conditions. In addition, the technology can be used to display warning symbols next to the vehicle or even communicate warning signals to the surroundings. In this way, they could contribute to greater safety, for example in the event of a breakdown en route.

With its digital projection systems, the Osram AMLS business unit formed by Osram following its acquisition by chip manufacturer ams also offers OEMs new opportunities for the aftermarket business. For example, they can offer their end customers new animation packages and individual customisation options in a subscription model that can be controlled via an app on their smartphone.

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