170-V Trench MOS Barrier Schottky rectifiers deliver current ratings up to 80-A

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Aimed at telecom power supply applications, the devices feature a wide range of current ratings, from 10 A to 80 A, and a typical forward voltage of 0.65 V at 30 A.

The new devices feature a dual center-tap configuration. They include the 10 A V10170C and VB10170C; the 40 A V40170C, VB40170C, and V40170PW; the 60 A V60170G, VB60170G, and V60170PW; and the 80 A V80170PW.

All nine devices feature a 175°C maximum junction temperature. Devices in the TO-263AB package additionally feature an MSL moisture sensitivity level of 1, while devices in the TO-220AB and TO-3PW feature solder bath temperatures of 275°C maximum and are halogen-free per the JEDEC JS709A definition.


Samples and production quantities of the new 170 V TMBS rectifiers are available now, with lead times of eight weeks for larger orders.

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