1700 V IGBT module for medium power

1700 V IGBT module for medium power

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By Nick Flaherty

Infineon Technologies has launched 900A and 750A power modules based on the latest 1700V silicon IGBT devices.

The EconoDUAL 3 module uses the new Trenchstop V IGBT7 devices for inverters used in wind, motor drive and static VAR generation (SVG) applications.

Compared to modules with the previous IGBT4 chipset, the FF900R17ME7_B11 enables up to 40 percent higher inverter output current in the same package size. The modules also feature significantly lower static and dynamic losses while addressing applications with prevailing static losses in diode chips and improving the du/dt controllability and diode softness.

The FIT rate has also been significantly improved, an important parameter when working with high DC link voltage. The modules have a maximum overload junction temperature of 175°C in a Pressfit package.

The FF900R17ME7_B11, FF750R17ME7D_B11 and FF225R17ME7_B11 can be ordered now. The roll-out of the portfolio, specifically the current classes from 300 A to 750 A, will follow at the end of 2022.

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