1700V SiC module provides reliability in extreme environments

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By Nick Flaherty

SiC is seeing greater adoption in 1200V applications such as electric vehicles and industrial equipment but the trend towards higher power density has resulted in higher system voltages, driving demand for 1700V modules that have previously usedsilicon IGBTs.

Rohm says the 1700V module is first successful commercialisation of 1700V rated SiC power modules. The BSM250D17P2E004 uses new construction methods and coating materials to prevent dielectric breakdown and suppress increases in leakage current. As a result, high reliability is achieved that prevents dielectric breakdown even after 1,000 hours under high temperature high humidity bias in HV-H3TRB testing. This provides the 1700V voltage even under severe temperature and humidity environments. During the high temperature high humidity testing the BSM250D17P2E004 saw no failures even when 1,360V is applied for more than 1,000 hours at 85°C and 85% humidity, unlike conventional IGBT modules which typically fail within 1,000 hours due to dielectric breakdown. 

By incorporating Rohm’s SiC MOSFETs and SiC Schottky barrier diodes into the same module and optimising the internal structure make it possible to reduce ON resistance by 10% over other SiC products in its class. This translates to improved energy savings in any application.

The company is planning evaluation boards that allow easy testing and verification of our SiC modules.

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