18-bit, 1.6-Msps, pseudo-differential serial SAR ADC achieves 96.5-dB SNR performance, consumes 18-mW of power

18-bit, 1.6-Msps, pseudo-differential serial SAR ADC achieves 96.5-dB SNR performance, consumes 18-mW of power

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The input reduces complexity and lowers the power requirements in the signal chain. Operating from a 2.5 V supply, the LTC2369-18 consumes 18 mW, with a low power shutdown mode that consumes 2.25 µW. When used in combination with the recommended single-ended ADC driver LT6202, the combined power dissipation is 53 mW, a 40% reduction from a fully differential drive circuit. The LTC2369-18 claims to be the industry’s highest performing 18-bit pseudo-differential SAR ADC, featuring a maximum INL of ±2.5 LSB with no missing codes and guaranteed specifications over the -40 to 125°C temperature range.

Complementing the LTC2369-18 is the pin- and software-compatible 16-bit, 2 Msps LTC2370-16. The LTC2370-16 achieves outstanding 94 dB SNR and ±0.85 LSB maximum INL. The LTC2369-18 and LTC2370-16 are the first in a family of 18-/16-bit high performance pseudo-differential SAR ADCs with speeds ranging from 250 ksps to 2 Msps. They offer a user-friendly SPI interface, explicit Busy and Chain pins, I/O voltages from 1.8 V to 5 V and an internal oscillator that simplifies digital timing and minimizes external component count. Their true no-latency operation enables accurate one-shot measurements even after lengthy idle periods with no minimum sample rate required.

The LTC2369-18 family of 18-/16-bit pseudo-differential SAR ADCs broadens the LTC2379-18 family of up to 102 dB SNR, fully differential SAR ADCs introduced earlier in 2011. Linear’s complete portfolio of high performance pseudo and fully differential 18-/16-bit SAR ADCs with high SNR, fast throughput and low power dissipation is ideal for high performance medical, industrial and automotive applications.

The LTC2369-18 and LTC2370-16 are available in small 16-lead MSOP and 4 mm x 3 mm DFN packages, and are priced at $29.95 each and $24.50 each, respectively in 1,000 piece quantities. To achieve uncompromised AC performance, the company recommends the low noise, low power LT6202 ADC driver. The company also also recommends the LTC6655, a precision external reference with high accuracy of ±0.025% max, 2 ppm/°C drift and low 0.25 ppm P-P noise ideal for high precision applications. The DC1813A, an integrated demo board featuring the LT6202 ADC driver and LTC6655 reference, is available at

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