1800-lumen spotlight LED cooler offers space-saving benefits

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The ModuLED Pico has a novel thermal design, based on the ideal balance between creating cooling surface and generating space for free air convection

cooling.  The visible outer surface is extended to generate extra radiation cooling. Radiation can account for up to 40% of the total cooling performance in free air convection environments, and mainly depends on the visible surface and the emissivity of the surface

Even under a tilted position of 50 degrees the cooling performance remains almost unchanged which makes the ModuLED Pico ideal as a cooling source for tiltable spot and down light designs.

Two new version become available and focus on the medium LED spot and down light market from 600 to 1800 lumen With a fixed diameter of 47 mm and lengths of 50 mm and 80 mm the ModuLED Pico delivers a thermal resistance of 5.2°C/W and 4.2°C/W respectively.

The ModuLED Pico is able to acommodate a variety of standard mounting patterns for all the newest generation LED modules and COBs which enables lighting designers to standardize their designs with a limited number of LED coolers.

A wide selection of mounting patterns are also available for mounting with self-tapping screws.

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