1Gbit on a single OctalNAND Flash chip

1Gbit on a single OctalNAND Flash chip

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The chip offers a maximum continuous Read throughput of 240Mbytes/s, three times faster than the earlier high-performance W25N-JW QspiNAND Flash family. The single-die W35N01JW is also 50% faster than Winbond’s W72N-JW family of Dual QspiNAND devices, which have dual dies in a single package, and a more complex x2/x4/x8 I/O architecture. Manufactured in Winbond’s proven 46nm Single Level Cell (SLC) NAND fabrication process, the W35N-JW OctalNAND Flash offers excellent data integrity and more than ten years’ data retention. It is specified to perform more than 100,000 Program/Erase cycles, providing the high level of endurance and reliability required in mission-critical automotive and industrial applications.
The new OctalNAND Flash from Winbond offers partial compatibility with Octal NOR Flash, easing replacement of NOR Flash devices in existing designs. The industry-standard 8x6mm BGA package of the W35N-JW device is footprint-compatible with serial NOR flash products, and is fully pin-compatible with that of Xccela Flash and OctaFlash NOR products on the market today. The W35N-JW parts include a Reset pin, a hardware feature which supports customers’ approach to compliance with automotive safety requirements. This Reset pin is compatible with the pin-out of equivalent NOR Flash devices, enabling customers to retain existing serial NAND software for triggering a system re-boot. The W35N-JW family operates at up to 166MHz in single data-rate mode, and up to 120MHz in double data-rate mode. It operates from a supply voltage of 1.7V-1.95V. Data integrity is maintained by the on-chip 1-bit Error Correction Code (ECC). Data from ECC operations help optimize the chip’s bad block management. The W35N-JW achieves a maximum Write speed of 16.9Mbytes/s and supports over-the-air firmware updating in vehicles.
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