1mm profile LED driver targets ultrabook backlighting

1mm profile LED driver targets ultrabook backlighting

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By Julien Happich

Featuring integrated programmable current sinks and suitable for driving up to six strings of LEDs, the IC integrates all MOSFETs plus associated control and driver circuitry in a compact WLCSP-35 package. Arctic Sand IC’s utilizes TIPS (Transformative Integrated Power Solution), a patented architecture that effectively reduces dependence on inductance, inherently lowers EMI and ripple and delivers industry-leading power conversion efficiency performance. The ARC2C0608 also solves thermal hotspot issues for the LED boost, especially when placed in the LCD panel assembly rather than on the motherboard. Today, customers often have to use two or even three LED boosts to try and resolve thermal issues in UHD platforms.  With the new Arctic Sand IC enables system designers to reduce this to only one LED boost per panel. The chip delivers up to 30V output for maximum flexibility in the assignment of LEDs to strings and selection of LED forward voltage. The device achieves up to 12 bits resolution with DC or direct PWM dimming to meet a wide range of applications. LED brightness can be controlled with programmable ramp up/down rate and linear/logarithmic ramp profiles. Phase-shifted PWM dimming can be selected with the active strings to minimize audible noise. A 1MHz I2C 6.0-compatible serial interface is available to program the brightness, or an external resistor on ISET pin can be used. Extensive fault protection includes Boost over current, output short circuit and over-voltage protection.

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