2.4 GHz high-power, low-price wireless modules

2.4 GHz high-power, low-price wireless modules

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Murata has introduced a new class of wireless modules; the DNT Series offers high performance and low price-point for applications demanding wide range and low latency. The DNT 2.4 GHz series comprising DNT24 and DNT2400 incorporate frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) to deliver better immunity to interference.
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DNT products provide long ranges for outdoor functions; up to 40 miles for 900 MHz installations and 10 miles for 2.4 GHz line of sight, making them suitable for street lighting, SCADA, commercial drones, and agriculture applications. This line is configurable with high RF data rates for data intensive applications – such as industrial and medical – requiring low latency. A DNT gateway and separate and secure LANs with 128-bit AES encryption help streamline facilitation with local enterprise networks. The series incorporates a meshing topology that reduces the total cost of ownership by limiting the number of repeaters and gateways needed.

“By basing the DNT Series on Murata’s propriety FHSS, we created a solution that provides increased resistance to multi-path fading. This line enables exceptional RF link quality and superior immunity to in-band interference, making it especially well-suited to industrial and factory environments,” said Jim Philipp, Senior Marketing Manager, Murata Americas RF Product Department.

Murata Electronics; www.murata.com

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