2.5×2.0mm SMD crystal up to 125 MHz fundamental frequency

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By eeNews Europe

This MINI-SMD crystal offers a frequency tolerance of ±10 ppm and a temperature stability from ±8 ppm. The user can choose from aging rates of ±1 ppm to ±3 ppm/year, which means that the frequency tolerances, as well as narrowband and broadband wireless applications, can be realised.

The crystals, which can be easily configured with a Pierce oscillator (with two external capacities to GND), can also replace high-frequency third overtone crystals and high-frequency crystal oscillators (as long as this is possible with the IC being used).

In addition to wireless applications, this crystal can also be used in telecom, medical and industrial applications. Thanks to its very high fundamental range, it also opens up simple opportunities for circuit designers.


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