The global chip market will be worth $680.7 billion in 2022, an annual increase of 11 percent despite soaring energy costs, supply chain shortages, Covid-19 lockdowns in China and the war in Ukraine, according to IC Insights.

In its latest quarterly report, the market researcher has increased its growth estimates for microprocessor and power discrete sales, while lowering the forecast for optoelectronics. The net result is roughly the same annual growth that IC Insights predicted in January (see Chip market to rise 10.8 percent in 2022, says IC Insights).

This puts IC Insights at odds with Malcolm Penn of Future Horizons who has reduced his forecast for growth in 2022 to 6 percent from 10 percent (see Semiconductor market heads for severe downturn says analyst).

2022 sales growth outlook by component type. Source: IC Insights.

The 2Q22 update raises the sales forecast for microcomponent ICs to 11 percent in 2022 from 7 percent early this year. This increase is being driven by stronger microprocessor sales in the embedded MPU category – now up 12 percent versus 9 percent, previously – and in cellular application processors, which IC Insights predicts will rise by 22 percent, much higher than the 10 percent in the January forecast.

The overall projection of total IC sales growth in 2022 is unchanged and expected to rise 11% this year to a record-high $567.1 billion.  The new 2Q22 Update keeps the 2022 growth forecast unchanged in analog ICs (up 12 percent) and logic integrated circuits (up 11 percent).

IC Insights has trimmed its forecast for non-IC products in the semiconductor total. Optoelectronics, sensors and actuators, and discrete semiconductors (O-S-D), which account for about 17 percent of total semiconductor revenue worldwide are now expected to rise 9 percent to $113.6 billion versus the previous projection of 11 percent growth in 2022.  

Weakness in CMOS image sensors and LEDs is partly being offset by stronger increases in discrete semiconductors, primarily because of higher increases in sales of power transistors. This is due to higher prices due to tight supplies. IC Insights’ 15 percent growth forecast for sensor/actuator semiconductors remains unchanged in the 2Q22 update. 

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