220W GaN power switch operates up to 140kHz

220W GaN power switch operates up to 140kHz

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By Nick Flaherty

Power Integrations has launched its latest generation of digitally controllable, off-line CV/CC Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) flyback controllers to reduce the size of power adapters up to 220W.

The InnoSwitch4-Pro integrates a 750V PowiGaN gallium-nitride primary switch with a steady-state switching frequency of up to 140 kHz to reduce the component count and PCB area required for ultra-compact adapters for mobile phones, notebook, tablet and multi-port accessories.

A proprietary control algorithm enables ZVS in both DCM and CCM modes. When paired with the ClampZero IC, the algorithm allows for higher-frequency operation without a corresponding drop in efficiency. InnoSwitch4-Pro also supports quasi-resonant switching in DCM and CCM when used as a standalone product. DCM-only operation can be selected to reduce SR FET voltage stress. The new ICs also feature an optimized command set to reduce I2C traffic.

“InnoSwitch4-Pro ICs interface seamlessly with Power Integrations’ ClampZero family of active clamp ICs to achieve ZVS in both continuous conduction mode (CCM) and discontinuous conduction mode (DCM),” said Aditya Kulkarni, product marketing manager at Power Integrations. “ZVS, combined with our PowiGaN technology, virtually eliminates switching losses. Efficiency exceeds 95 percent, which enables designers to eliminate the heat sinks, spreaders and potting materials typically required for thermal management.”

Further size reduction of the adapter can be achieved by the use of a MinE-CAP device in combination with InnoSwitch4-Pro and ClampZero ICs. Also based also on PowiGaN technology, the MinE-CAP ICs enable input capacitance size reduction of approximately 40 percent.

The 220 W controller also includes a FluxLink reinforced isolation feedback link for secondary-side control, I2C interface, active clamp drive and synchronous rectification in a compact InSOP-28 package.

The high level of integration greatly simplifies the development and manufacturing of fully programmable, highly efficient power supplies. These programmable flyback ICs in combination with ClampZero and MinE-CAP companion devices enable the ultra-compact and slim form factors highly desired by both OEM accessory and aftermarket USB PD and Universal Fast Charging Specification (UFCS) adapters in China.

It consumes less than 30 mW no-load while offering line-sensing and comprehensive protection features and devices are fully protected featuring auto-restart or latching fault response for output overvoltage and undervoltage protection, multiple output undervoltage fault thresholds, latching or hysteretic primary over-temperature protection, and output bus switch short-circuit protection.

Two reference designs, DER-960 (100 W), RDK-942 (65 W), are available for designers wishing to evaluate the InnoSwitch4-Pro IC. Devices are priced at $1.85 for 10,000-unit quantities.

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