225kVA isolation transformer has 480V primary voltage

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By Nick Flaherty

The MT-DOE16-480D-225KVA-380D-N3R 3-phase 225kVA isolated transformer has a primary voltage of 408V Delta and secondary voltage of 380V Delta. It includes protection against critical equipment failures and is aimed at applications such as powering supplies for sensitive technology including computers, medical devices or lab instruments.

Each core in the IP24 rated NEMA 3R transformer is engineered with non-aging, cold-rolled silicon steel laminations and coated to protect the internal components from moisture. The cores are also electrically balanced which minimizes axial forces that occur during short circuits.

As the MT-DOE16-480D-225KVA-380D-N3R is an isolation transformer, it has an increased level of protection against electric shock, and can suppress electrical noise in sensitive devices, as well as transfer power between two circuits that cannot be connected. The powered device is isolated from the power source, and the primary and secondary power sources are isolated as well. 

“This isolation transformer keeps power sources and devices separate, which is beneficial in a number of ways,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics. “It increases reliability and enhances the unit’s protection against critical failure and electric shock, making it safe to use for a variety of purposes both indoors and outdoors.”


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