25-V and 30-V devices simplify designs highly efficient DC/DC converters

25-V and 30-V devices simplify designs highly efficient DC/DC converters

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Expanding the portfolio with new footprint options are the 30 V SiZ300DT in the PowerPAIR 3 x 3 and the SiZ910DT in the PowerPAIR 6 x 5. The SiZ300DT targets DC/DC applications handling currents of 10 A and under, while the SiZ910DT is suitable for applications above 20 A. The PowerPAIR 3 x 3 has approximately one third the area of the PowerPAIR 6 x 5.

Three new devices in the PowerPAIR 6 x 3.7 are all industry firsts, and with the previously released SiZ710DT expand the voltage range in this form factor from 20 V up to 30 V. The new SiZ728DT is the first 25 V PowerPAIR 6 x 3.7 device, while the SiZ790DT is the first device in this form factor with an on-board Schottky diode. The SiZ730DT is debuting as the lowest-R DS(on) 30 V PowerPAIR 6 x 3.7 device.

Devices in the Vishay Siliconix PowerPAIR family help to simplify the design of highly efficient synchronous buck single and multiphase DC/DC converters by providing an optimized combination of two MOSFETs in a single package. Their asymmetric configuration improves performance by allowing the size of the low-side MOSFET to be increased for lower conduction losses. The combination of TrenchFET Gen III technology and the asymmetric nature of PowerPAIR allows Vishay to achieve a maximum on-resistance down to 3 mΩ for the low-side synchronous MOSFET, almost 50% lower than in a comparable symmetrical device.

By giving designers two co-packaged MOSFETs, PowerPAIR devices simplify PCB layouts and reduce parasitic inductance, which can help to reduce switching losses and improve efficiency.

The new PowerPAIR devices will help to promote more efficient use of power and space in a wide range of electronics, including notebook and desktop computers, servers, game consoles, set-top boxes, TV monitors, and modems.

For further information: (SiZ300DT) (SiZ710DT) (SiZ728DT) (SiZ730DT) (SiZ910DT) (SiZ790DT)

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