280nm deep UV LED in a 6.8×6.8mm package

280nm deep UV LED in a 6.8×6.8mm package

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Nichia Corporation has released a new deep UV LED (Part Number NCSU334A) to address water purification and air sterilization applications.
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Measuring only 6.8×6.8mm and delivering 55mW of optical power at 350mA, typical, the NCSU334A allows for system miniaturization and long-life solutions. Conventional UVC LEDs (200-280nm) have problems with a more complex crystal growth and a shorter life than UVA LEDs (365-405nm). Through its unique crystal growth technology used for many years in UVA LEDs, the company says it was able to successfully develop the world’s highest quality, high radiant flux, long life UVC LED. The NCSU334A uses a newly developed hermetically-sealed package, increasing reliability for use in harsh environments.

Nichia – www.nichia.com

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