$2bn boost for 300mm silicon wafer supply

$2bn boost for 300mm silicon wafer supply
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Sumco in Japan is spending over $2bn to boost supply of 300mm wafers for production in 2024.
By Nick Flaherty


Japanese silicon wafer maker Sumco is to spend ¥228.7bn (US$2.05bn) to boost production of 300mm wafers to meet projected demand. The wafer capacity is scheduled to become available in 2023 and 2024 but marks a move to over capacity in that timeframe despite the current chip shortage.

“With our existing manufacturing facilities, supply can’t keep up with demand,” said Mayuki Hashimoto, CEO and chairman of Sumco, in a regulatory filing.

Sumco will spend ¥78.6bn ($710m) on a plant in Saga Prefecture with ¥113bn ($1bn) on wafer equipment, while subsidiary Sumco Techxiv will spend ¥16bn ($140m) on a plant and ¥10bn ($90m) on wafer manufacturing equipment. Building will start in 2022 with production in phases starting in 2023 for full operation in 2024

Sumco and Shin-Etsu Chemical have half the market for silicon wafers.

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