3.5kW GaN chipset targets 48V designs

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By Nick Flaherty

EPC has launched a 100 V, 35 A chipset in a single package designed for 48 V DC-DC conversion used in high-density computing applications and in 48 V BLDC motor drives for e-mobility, robotics, and drones.

The EPC23102 eGaN IC is capable of a maximum withstand voltage of 100 V, delivering up to 35 A load current and can switch at speeds greater than 1 MHz. A thermally enhanced QFN package with exposed top provides low thermal resistance from junction to top-side heatsink.

The integrated package is easier to design, easier to layout, easier to assemble, save space on the PCB, and increase efficiency. Designers can use these devices to make lighter weight and more precise BLDC motor drives, higher efficiency 48 V input DC-DC converters, higher fidelity class-d audio systems, and other industrial and consumer applications.

External resistors are used to tune SW switching times and over-voltage spikes above rail and below ground, while a robust level shifter supports both hard and soft switching conditions. The package has false trigger immunity from fast switching transients and supports synchronous charging for high side bootstrap supply.

A disable input engages low quiescent current mode from VDRV supply and there is power on reset for low side VDD supply as well as undervoltage lockout for high side VBOOT supply. An active gate pull-down for both FETS comes into use with the loss of VDRV supply

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