3-D ultrasonic camera for non-destructive testing of aircraft

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By eeNews Europe

NDT is a way of screening objects – like an aircraft fuselage – and detecting damage not visible from the outside without having to destroy or break through the material. It usually involves radiography, infrared light, electromagnetism or endoscopy, but ultrasound is thought to be the best method, despite its high cost and difficulty to use.

The 3D ultrasonic camera, developed by DolphiTech, however, will apparently be cheaper than its predecessors and easier to operate.

The firms hope their collaboration will result in a tool usable for all types of NDT applications and composite materials, not just in aerospace but for other industries too.

A prototype will be available by the end of 2012.

The partnership is also an important one for DolphiTech, providing the smaller Norwegian firm with a large market for its ultrasonic products, which also include the world’s first ultrasonic 2D barcode reader.


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