300-Watt DC power supply series offer versatility and safe operation

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The Model 2300 Series applies Trek’s 40+ years of expertise in high-voltage technology and provides designed-in features which deliver reliability, versatility, functionality and safe operation.

Key to the 2300 Series is Trek’s innovative high-voltage multiplier technology which enabled the development of a modular, compact design without sacrificing performance. In addition, active circuitry on the high-voltage output reduces noise and ripple, while maintaining low output capacitance and low energy. This low energy technology is preferred in many applications where standard power supply technology with large capacitors, high energy, and the related risks are undesirable.

Trek’s 2300 Series is suitable for many applications including commercial, homeland security, industrial, medical, military/defense, radar, research and semiconductor markets.

Specific applications for Trek’s 2300 Series are diverse and include capacitor charging, cell separation, DC biasing, dielectric testing, electrospinning, electrostatics, high-voltage testing, ion implantation, lasers, material testing, photomultiplier tubes, scanning systems, X-ray tubes and many others.

Trek’s 2300 Series consists of five specific models which differ in maximum output voltage (+10 kV, +15 kV, +20 kV, +25 kV, and +30 kV).  Line regulation of the series is better than 0.02% for a minimum to maximum voltage change. Load regulation is 0.02% for a 5% to 100% load change. In terms of response, recovery is to 0.1% in 10ms for a 50% step up load change.

The series is designed with versatile voltage monitors and current monitors, short circuit protection, thermal protection, universal input, and mounting studs for secure mounting in customers’ systems. The series is CE compliant and RoHS compliant. HALT/HASS testing will be performed.

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