300W industrial wireless charging solution

300W industrial wireless charging solution

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By Rich Pell

The Yeti 300-W wireless charging solution, says the company, merges the industry’s highest power with flexible one-to-one charging, and power delivery at greater than 95% efficiency. Powered directly from AC mains power to improve reliability and minimize installation challenges, the Yeti is offered as ideal for harsh industrial environments in Industry 4.0 applications, factories, warehouses and e-mobility fleet management that require products to be hermetically sealed while still providing a flexible charging experience.

“High power levels in wireless power applications have been elusive for a long time,” says Emanuel Stingu, Chief Technology Officer at Spark Connected. “Achieving high power transfer in practical implementations has always been a compromise between efficiency, safety, reliability and user experience. The Spark Connected solution with its unique system architecture together with the Pantheon wireless power control software, provides all these with no compromise in an easy to use package.”

Key features of the Yeti 300W solution include the following:

  • Full end-to-end 300-Watt wireless charging system
  • Superior performance at >95% efficiency (DC-DC)
  • System includes both receiver and transmitter
  • Complete battery charging and management function
  • Spark Connected Pantheon intelligent control wireless power software
  • Transmitter can be powered directly from 85V – 264V AC line voltage
  • Built-in safety features including robust metallic Foreign Object Detection (FOD)
  • Supports future products and standards changes with a simple software upgrade
  • Meets strict regulatory requirements
  • Industry’s highest power levels using the smallest coils
  • Applications: Industry 4.0, autonomous robots, floor care, drones, medical devices, underwater sensors, power tools, e-bikes

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