300W power sink for fast down-programming under no-load conditions

300W power sink for fast down-programming under no-load conditions

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By Nick Flaherty

TDK has introduced a Power Sink (PSINK) option to the 1.7kW and 3.4kW programmable power supplies for faster programming under no-load condition.

The PSINK option is can absorb and dissipate up to 300W of peak power and 100W continuously 25 times faster down programming speeds. This gives the Genesy+ range fall times of just 12.5ms, even under no load conditions.

The power sink option is suitable for testing electric motors with PWM (pulse width modulated) speed control that return power to their source under motor braking conditions. Examples include automotive electric windows, power mirrors and power seats. The option can also be used during battery and capacitor testing to discharge after testing is complete. A rapid downtime enables shorter test cycles to be performed and more accurately simulates normal operation.

 The PSINK module is mounted inside of the Genesys+ power supply and allows the power supply to absorb energy fed back from the load. This can be energy generated from suddenly stopping a DC motor or discharging a battery or capacitor, enabling the ATE (Automated Test Equipment) to proceed to the next test quickly. The internal control logic senses the output voltage of the power supply. If the sensed voltage is higher than the desired voltage, the logic signals the PSINK module to sink current from the load, via the output terminals, and thus maintain a constant voltage across the load.

The power sink option is available on the 1U high rack mount 1.7kW and 3.4kW rated units with output voltages of 0-20V, 0-30V, 0-40V, 0-60V and 0-100V.

All the programmable power supplies in the series operate in constant current, constant voltage, or constant power limit modes and, in addition, offer internal resistance simulation. TDK-Lambda has a parallel system allows a multiple-unit system to achieve a dynamic response and ripple and noise performance comparable to that of a single power supply. A simple datalink cable enables the command and auxiliary units to auto-configure by detecting the parallel data connection and setting their parameters accordingly.

The 1.7kW and 3.4kW models are suitable for zero stack rack mounting, measuring 423mm wide, 441.5mm deep and 43.6mm (1U) high. Cooling is provided by variable-speed fans monitoring the ambient temperature and the output load.


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