32-bit MCU targets cost-sensitive 8-bit applications

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By Rich Pell

Semiconductor technologies company STMicroelectronics has introduced the most affordable entry yet to its STM32 family of 32-bit microcontrollers. Bridging the gap between 8- or 16-bit MCUs and higher performance 32-bit MCUs, the STM32C0 is designed to provide access to the benefits of STM32 designs.

The STM32C0 series is targeted to equipment like home appliances, industrial pumps, fans, smoke detectors, typically served by simpler 8-bit and 16-bit MCUs. The modern, 32-bit design of the STM32C0, says the company, permits improvements such as faster response, extra functions, and network connection at similar overall cost and power consumption.

At the same time, the STM32C0’s entry-level simplicity and free and extensive support ecosystem with resources including tools, software packs, and the chance to connect with various developer communities are offered as easing entry to the 32-bit world for new users.

“The next generations of smart appliances and industrial controllers must be easy to use, ultra-competitively priced, and with assured supply,” says Daniel Colonna, STM32 Marketing Director at STMicroelectronics. “By delivering on these requirements, our new STM32C0 general-purpose entry-level MCUs introduce exciting options to the 8-/16-bit applications space, with the added benefits that come with the broad and powerful STM32 ecosystem.”

The STM32C0 series is now in high-volume production and available for shipment. Nine package choices are available, offering various attributes such as easy handling, ultra-small form factor, and low profile.



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