32-bit MCUs integrate 4MB on-chip Flash target industrial automation

32-bit MCUs integrate 4MB on-chip Flash target industrial automation

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Built around the Renesas proprietary RXv3 CPU core, the RX72N features a maximum operating frequency of 240 megahertz (MHz) and two Ethernet channels, and the RX66N features a maximum operating frequency of 120 MHz and one Ethernet channel.

The devices offer up to 4 megabytes of on-chip flash memory that perform read operations at a frequency of 120 MHz, among the fastest in the industry, as well as 1MB of on-chip SRAM. This ample on-chip memory eliminates the need for external memory, which has slower read speeds, and makes it possible to extract the full performance capacity of the CPU. In addition, larger memory capacity enables high-resolution graphics support, such as WVGA, on a single chip, which was not possible on earlier general-purpose MCUs. Large pin count package options range up to 224 pins, including a maximum of 182 general-purpose input/output (GPIO) ports. Both the RX72N Group and RX66N Group incorporate an arithmetic unit for trigonometric functions (sin, cos, arctan, hypot; RX72N only) that accelerates motor vector control and a register bank save function that decreases the interrupt response time. This reduces the CPU load required for closed-loop control and simplifies the implementation of additional functions such as networking capabilities. The Trusted Secure IP module provided as a security engine supports multiple encryption standards, including AES, 3DES, RSA, ECC, SHA, and TRNG, as well as key management. Combined with the protection function of the on-chip flash memory, it provides support for secure firmware updating and secure boot function.

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