32-bit MCUs integrate high-precision analog front end

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The RX23E-A 32-bit MCUs are the first Renesas solutions to enable such signals to be measured with better than 0.1% precision without calibration. The new MCUs achieve AFE precision at a level that could previously only be achieved by combining dedicated A/D converter circuits with high-precision operational amplifier ICs. By integrating this high-precision AFE intellectual property on a single chip using the same fabrication process technology, Renesas has made it possible to implement high-precision sensor measurement, computation, control, and communications on a single chip. This allows system manufactures to reduce the number of required components, save space, and simplify system design in a wide range of equipment. The RX23E-A MCUs are based on the RXv2 core, which features operating speeds of 32 MHz, a digital signal processor (DSP), and excellent floating point unit (FPU) calculations. This allows the implementation of adaptive control using temperature data and inverse matrix calculations using 6-axis distortion data, for example for robot arm force sensors.

The integrated 24-bit delta-sigma A/D converters offer up to 23 bits of effective resolution. Data output rate is flexible at 7.6 PS to 15.6 kPS. They can start synchronously, allowing sensor temperature correction to be performed without switching channels. For each ADC, a rail-to-rail input PGA allows amplification up to 128×. Offset drift is only 10 nV/°C, gain drift 1 ppm/°C, and RMS noise just 30 nV rms. The chip’s voltage reference has a low temperature drift characteristic of 4 ppm/°C with excellent temperature stabilization. Onchip are up to 6 differential inputs, up to 11 pseudo-differential inputs, and up to 11 single-ended inputs. All channels can be used as inputs to the two A/D converters. The MCU block supports digital signal processing, it sports 128 to 256 KB or ROM and 16 to 32 KB of RAM. Versions of the chip are rated for operation in the -40 to +105°C temperature range. Samples of the RX23E-A Group of MCUs are available now with mass production planned for December 2019.

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