36mm G4 linear actuator includes special adapter plate

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The 36mm unit with the integrated size 17 adapter plate easily replaces existing hybrid units by using the same bolt pattern and pilot surface. Assuming the higher step resolution of the hybrid style actuators isn’t required for the application, the 36mm can-stack with the size 17 adapter plate provides the performance and life of the more expensive size 17 units.  Force output range of the G4 36mm can stack is from 70N to 260N (16lb to 58lb).  Output resolution ranges from 0.013mm to 0.102mm per step command.
The G4 linear actuator architecture employs the latest technologies to extend reliability and meet higher performance requirements. The design utilizes optimized teeth geometry along with high-energy neodymium magnets that result in a higher continuous force output in a small package. With 20% higher output force across the entire speed range, compared with other designs of similar size, the G4 also contains the latest custom-engineered plastics and larger bearings for greater rotor support and higher axial load capability. As with other Hayden stepper motor linear actuators, there  are three configurations available: Captive, Non-Captive, and External Linear.

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