3D multi-touch startup raises $5.5m in Series A1 round

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The company’s multi-finger 3D touch solution is based on a transparent and flexible layered approach fully compatible with OLED and LCD conventional or bezel-less ‘infinity’ screens, including flat, curved and newly emerging foldable and flexible devices.

CTT claims it uses the world’s simplest architecture, with a stack of patterned electrodes for capacitive location sensing on top of a piezoelectric film for the force input, sharing a bottom electrode. The company then processes the composite location and force signals through a patented hybrid analogue and DSP signal processing chain, deriving the touch force at multiple locations.

In a recent statement, the startup emphasized it owes the physical simplicity of its layered sensing architecture to the sophistication of its AI-enabled software algorithms, comparing it with first-generation competitor solutions that require separate sensors and are more complex to manufacture.

What’s more, the all-screen, multi-finger 3D touch solution is scalable to all device sizes and would come at a fraction of the cost of existing approaches. 

CTT was spun out of the University of Cambridge in 2011. It is engaged with leading OEMs, touch and display panel manufacturers, touch controller IC makers and auto component suppliers, expecting the mass adoption of its technology in the near future.

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