3U OpenVPX Cube development enclosure

3U OpenVPX Cube development enclosure

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By Nick Flaherty

Pixus Technologies has launched a a small form factor enclosure for development and demonstration of 3U OpenVPX systems. 

The OpenVPX Cube Chassis is 4U tall and 42HP (8.4in) wide and allows 4-5 OpenVPX boards in the 3U form factor to be installed along with a compact power supply

The chassis supports bottom to top cooling and prop up feet for easy viewing/access into the enclosure.

Various VITA 65 backplane profiles are available with options for VITA 66 or 67 interfaces. Pluggable VITA 62 or fixed ATX PSUs are available in the typical 3U VPX voltage rails. Card guides for air cooled or conduction cooled boards can be installed into any slot.

Pixus offers OpenVPX and SOSA aligned chassis platforms and backplanes for 3U and 6U boards. This includes desktop, rackmount, MIL rackmount, and MIL ATR style enclosure systems.

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