40/60V FETs for cordless appliances add logic-level drive by MCU

40/60V FETs for cordless appliances add logic-level drive by MCU

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By eeNews Europe

With the aim of producing designs that are both compact (reduced component count) and rugged, Infineon/IR has introduced seven (in this release) StrongIRFET Power MOSFETs in logic-level-drive variants. These can be driven directly from a microcontroller, saving space and cutting costs. The MOSFETs are highly rugged and thus help lengthen the service life of the electronic devices, Infineon adds.

With the logic level extension, Infineon is addressing demand for StrongIRFETs that do not require a stand-alone driver. In the logic level variant the necessary gate-source voltage is reduced to 4.5 V. This makes it possible to directly connect the MOSFET to an MCU in many applications.

The parts have VDSS ratings of 40 and 60V, and have package-limited drain current (ID) ratings up to around 200A. They come in TO-220, D²-PAK or IR’s own DirectFET surface-mount can packages. The characteristic performance features of the StrongIRFET family have been retained in the logic level extension: Low on-state resistance (0.52 mΩ typ. and 0.97 mΩ max.) for reduced conduction losses, high current carrying capability for increased power capability and rugged silicon all make for high system reliability.



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