40 V MOSFETs added to high speed U-MOS range

40 V MOSFETs added to high speed U-MOS range

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By Nick Flaherty

The TK3R1E04PL and TK3R1A04PL can help designers to improve performance and reduce power consumption in power supply applications such as DC-DC converters and the secondary side circuits of SMPS AC-DC power supplies.

The TK3R1E04PL (TO-220 package) and TK3R1A04PL (TO-220SIS package) have a maximum VDSS rating of 40V and can operate with gate-source voltages (VGSS) of +/-20V. Respective maximum DC drain currents are 100A and 82A.

Both devices have a low typical on resistance (RDS(ON)) of just 2.5mΩ (@VGS=10V) and a typical output capacitance (COSS) of 1000pF. These characteristics ensure efficient on-state operation, rapid switching, and lower switching losses.

By providing a ‘best-in-class’ trade-off between resistance and capacitance, the TK3R1E04PL and TK3R1A04PL support optimum performance and efficiency in power supply applications. This includes synchronous rectification designs, where the low output charge (QOSS) reduces device contribution to rectification power loss.

The new MOSFETs will operate with channel temperatures up to 175ºC, with the U-MOS IX-H technology ensuring stable operation over a wide range of temperatures and load conditions.



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