40G ATCA packet processing blade accelerates network security with wire-speed content inspection

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The ATCA-7470 is designed to use the full capabilities of the Intel platform for communications infrastructure, formerly codenamed “Crystal Forest,” with an optimized balance of processing, memory, I/O, data movement, and interfaces.
The blade features a variety of high-speed interfaces for both ATCA fabric and direct connections. The Intel Xeon E5-2600 processor family is supported by balanced offload acceleration provided by the Intel 89xx Communications Chipset to enable very high throughput of both packet-processing and control plane workloads.
A key feature enabling this consolidation is the Intel Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), which is fully supported by the ATCA-7470. The optimized libraries included in the Intel DPDK enable fast packet movement in the data plane using multi-core Intel processors, and the Intel DPDK thus enables the faster execution of packet processing workloads across the network without sacrificing security.
By implementing packet processing together with other data plane and control plane functions on a single platform, telecom equipment manufacturers can benefit from lower development costs and the use of common tool suites, helping enable faster time to market, as well as the ability to balance workloads efficiently across the available hardware resources.
“To gain the full benefit of workload consolidation demands a board that can deliver the highest packet processing performance, as well as the flexibility to perform well in control plane applications," said Stephen Dow, president of Emerson Network Power’s Embedded Computing business. "The ATCA-7470 was designed with this in mind, combining the fastest possible memory subsystem, with balanced high-performance offload engines, and full bandwidth active/active 40G fabric interfaces. As part of our market-leading ATCA systems portfolio, this new blade will offer greater flexibility in telecom equipment deployments, enabling the provision of more, and more valuable, subscriber services at lower cost.”
The ATCA-7470 is optimized to work with Emerson Network Power’s range of ATCA system platforms which cover two-slot, six-slot and 14-slot variants that are designed to meet the need of both telecom central office and network data center environments.


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